Mistakes and Forgiveness

We all make mistakes, everyone knows that. We can all agree that no one is perfect, everyone messes up. Everyone will lie at least once, everyone will do something out of jealousy or out of hate. No one is perfect. Whenever someone makes a mistake against you, hurts you in any way, shape, or form, It’s usually easy to forgive them (depending on the situation). Oh no! Someone hurt your hand! “Sorry, I didn’t mean to!” And you forgive them like it was nothing. But what about the other side of this? What happens when you make a mistake? It seems so much more difficult to find forgiveness. Not necessarily from the other person, although it may seem like they won’t forgive you, but from yourself. When we mess up, we have trouble forgiving ourselves. You feel like you will mess up again, and therefore don’t want to forgive yourself. I personally find it interesting, we trust everyone else more than ourselves. We can trust a stranger who hurt us more than we can ourselves not to mess up again. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? You don’t know someone, so you don’t forgive them? Not knowing if you can trust them not to do it again? But we don’t work that way. We have less faith in the people we know more, and you know yourself better than anyone. The more you know about the mistakes someone has made, their habits, even their past, it becomes a bit more difficult to trust them, but it shouldn’t be. Don’t let your past determine your future. Just because you have broken promises in the past doesn’t mean you have to stick with that habit. Just because you have messed up in the past doesn’t mean you can’t be a better person from now on. Anyone, even myself, can change to be better, a more trustworthy person. And when I say “trustworthy” I don’t mean others being able to trust you, I mean you being able to trust yourself.



Ever Since the Accident

I haven’t been able to remember anything from my life, whether it be the best, most beautiful days of my life or the worst, most tortorous days of my life, since the accident. I dont even know what to do now. There’s no light, no sound, just dark, dead, cold. I sat there thinking and thinking but nothing seem to pop up in my mind… Except amnesia. There was nothing really in my mind, couldn’t think of nothing but lonliness. Then I thought of my dog , blaze, Who loves to bite people on command. I wish I could see what he looks like, the thought of me going blind kills me inside . I urn to hear his sweet, soft howls. I picture him as a fierce husky. I can’t help but think of all of the fun times we had together. I’ve never been so clueless, I wanted more details, more knowledge of this dog. I also wanted to desperately go back to the fifth sentence of this story so that I could fix my spelling mistake, but I couldn’t! All of this was hopeless; there was nothing that I could do. I suddenly woke up from a dream next to my dead girl friend and a knife in my hand. But this was all worth it, just so they can feel the pain I’ve had my entire life.





DISCLAIMER   Multiple people besides myself wrote this blog post! This is a work of many minds with only the influence of the previous sentences!

What Happens Now?

What happens now? Maybe you have asked yourself this before, maybe you never had to ask yourself this. Sometimes people find themselves in situations where they have no idea what would happen next. They make a decision without thinking about or even worrying about the consequences of it. This can happen to anyone in a multitude of different ways. From my own experience, I’ve asked this question when my parents divorced. I was so worried about who I would be with and how that would affect schools and even how that would affect me seeing extended family. I was just wondering what would happen next, worried that it would be something bad. Others might ask this when something good happens. Another example of a time this happened was when my cousin made it through all of his treatment for a very serious disease. I was so excited he was going through it with ease and I couldn’t wait to find out what would happen next. This somewhat ties into what my previous question was. If you have not seen the previous question post, it was basically asking “Can we change things that happened, and if so, can we also change the future?” This post is focusing in more on the future side of that. Something has already happened, we can’t change that. Now what is going to come of that. Feel free to post your own stories about when you were asking yourself, “What happens now?” and if you would like also tell of the out come.

The Start

We all start something somewhere. For example I’m starting to post thought provoking questions. A few weeks ago I started high school. On my birthday I started my 15th year of life, which will end when I turn 16. Everyone starts something that they aren’t forced to do. You can start talking to friends you aren’t forced to talk to, you can start an extra curricular class you aren’t being forced to take. We all start these things we aren’t forced to do, but is it really our own choice? Have you ever wondered if something different could have happened? Continue reading