Journal Two, Violence

I’ve met many people who have told me, “Violence is never the answer!” They say that you can always use words to solve your problems, and that there is always a safer alternative to violence. I’d like to think that’s true, but it’s not. There comes a point that you have to use violence. If you are being bullied in any form, the bully isn’t going to stop when you use your words. In a real situation, the bully won’t stop after you say, “Please stop. What you’re doing is hurting me.” If anything, the bully will then be prompted to continue hurting you. Violence is justified in more situations than we say it is. Any form of self defense is justified. If you are being hurt, you have every right to stand up for yourself and fight back. I’m not saying go straight to violence, but in the case that you aren’t able to talk to the person, violence is justified. Just as if a friend is being hurt. Standing up for someone else is just as important as standing up for yourself. One good example is in Of Mice and Men with Curley and Lennie. After Lennie is smiling at the idea of taking care of rabbits, Curley walks into the room while infuriated with another man, Slim. Curley accuses Lennie of laughing at him and starts a fight. Lennie was at first told not to fight back, but he was being hurt. In this situation, it was completely okay to fight back, which he eventually did, causing every bone in Curley’s hand to break. Violence is justified in any form of self defense, which is exactly what is showed through Of Mice and Men.

Journal One, Friendship

What is a friend? To me, it’s the person you’d consider your family. In an earlier blog post ( “This I Believe” ), I discussed the idea that what you make of something is so much more than what you are given. We are all born into a family, whether it be half family, foster family, or full blood family. We see our family often and we really have no choice but to spend time with them. The people you meet at school or at a job that you choose to spend time with, that you choose to be as close to as your own family, are your true friends. At that point, if you are really making an effort to care about them and spend time with them, shouldn’t they be considered family? If you treat them like family and enjoy their presence as if they were family, then that makes them family. Some people will call the people they see once a day their friend, or the people that they only message even when they could get together and hang out are their friend. In those situations, what’s the point? If you are talking to your friend once every day or two, why even have them? They aren’t really there for you and you aren’t really there for them. At that point, you don’t really care for them. Look at George and Lennie from Of Mice and Men. The two of them travel everywhere together and they have each others backs. They are best friends, true friends. They care about each other, help each other. They are family even without being blood related.