The Idea Everyone Forgets

What do you think of when nature is the subject? Maybe you imagine trees on a sunny day. Others might think of planets in space. I don’t think of normal things that we consider nature. I think of math when I hear nature. You may not agree with me, but I believe math is in nature, and it is my favorite item in nature

Math is everywhere in nature, not just in the classroom. A natural river flowing downstream has a force, speed, slope, and accelation. These rivers were not man-made, nor was the math involved. Imagine a mountain. It has a height, a maximum, and goes through different air pressures.

Maybe you would like a little more about what other people believe concerning math being in ┬ánature. A Greek Philosopher named “Plato” also believed that numbers are in nature. He came up with the Platonic theory which basically stated that numbers alwasy have been and always will be even without humans. There are theories that state math is just an extension of human thought or that math is completely false and is just a way to explain the universe. Believe what you want to, but for now I’m sticking with math as my favorite thing in nature.

calculus- ALGEBRA-MATH-RELATED-WORDS-olga.  lednichenkoolga. 2013. Web.

calculus- ALGEBRA-MATH-RELATED-WORDS-olga. lednichenkoolga. 2013. Web.

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  1. G’day Bradley,
    Well done for thinking out of the square. Another mathematician I enjoy who has lots to do with nature is Fibonacci. Maybe you could research him and include some images of what he found out about nature.

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