Myself versus My Online Life

Some, if not most, people are completely different online than they are in person. You could meet the quietest person in your class or in your work environment and then online they won’t stop posting about themselves. This could also be the opposite way; you could meet a really loud person that is still online but hardly does anything. Although we think that people should be the same online and in person, I honestly can’t judge anyone because I am a culprit myself.

If you were to meet me in person, you would see that I usually only talk to the people in my inner circle. I only talk to the people I know well and I am best friends with. Other people I don’t know are invisible to me unless they talk to me first. With my friends I’m a loud person. I love to talk to my friends and hang out, but once someone I don’t know shows up, I won’t hardly talk at all.

Online I’m a completely different person. Online I barely talk to anyone, including the people I am best friends with. I’m not on many social media sites, just one in particular that almost everyone is on, Facebook. Even on this one social media site I don’t post or comment are even like anything. I just have it to keep up with my family that I don’t see much, to see what they are up to.

We are all different online than we are in person, so we can’t judge anyone for doing the same. If someone is completely different online than when you see them at school, just know you along with the rest of the world do the same.

5 thoughts on “Myself versus My Online Life

  1. Hi Bradley!
    I really appreciate the amount of detail you put into your post! Check mine out on my blog!

  2. I loved how you went in so much detail on how you were different online vs in real life. I personally did not know you don’t talk to many people online! I am the complete opposite and basically talk to anyone I want online. When being online, do you tend to play video games or watch some videos?

  3. Hello Bradleyc1123,
    I agree with your blog post I also am also different online than offline. I liked how you whent in depth with details of the differences between the real you and the online you!

  4. G’day Bradley,
    You have expressed your feelings very well in this post. It is great that you are not on very many social media sites but do you do any gaming online?

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